Exploration solutions for your drilling projects

High Temperature Geothermal Systems, Underground Storage, Unconventionnal reservoirs.

By your side all along your exploration project.

To go with your exploration projects, ENEREX offers several types of services depending on your needs and wills: petrophysical properties measurement on samples, field studies and structural characterization, geophysical and well logs interpretation, GIS, geological modeling… ENEREX is by your side, for occasional or regular follow up of your projects. ENEREX has at disposal technologically advanced equipment and techniques to fulfill the given missions.

Expertise and skills

Expert in geological prospection and characterization of high-temperature geothermal prospects, ENEREX also develops other skill fields, as water resources prospection, native hydrogen, or lithium dissolved in geothermal waters. With a multidisciplinary team composed of Expert Geologists, the society regroups all skills required to guaranty a rigorous approach to answering the high requirements of the field. Thanks to a close partnership with the academic research and university labs, ENEREX makes sure to stay close to conceptual innovations, methodology, and technics.

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