Our partners

Enerex expertise is enhanced and guarantees by several scientific and economic partners. Our partners, public university laboratories, or private societies, are all known for their level of competencies in the fields of geosciences on an international scale. Enerex also had early support from the Incubateur Lorrain, and of the Region Grand-Est.

Scientific and economic partners


Of the international reputation in geoscience, the public laboratory GeoRessources of Lorraine University is our privileged partner. He provides us the equipment required to fulfill our benefit and thus, guarantees our excellence. This collaboration also leads us to develop and participate in new R&D projects


Startup coming from the research center of Inria in Nancy, Tessael is an expert in model realization and numeric simulations in the reservoirs fields. It’s our privileged partner concerning geomodels and meshing for our numeric modelizations.

For further informations: http://www.tessael.com


Society specialized in software development in geosciences, Geod-solution provides tools and services for 2D/3D modelization and meshing of underground, with the open-source platform OpenGeode.

For further informations: www.geode-solutions.com

Our supports

Incubateur Lorrain

Enerex SAS project benefited from the support of the startup developer Incubateur Lorrain.

For further informations: http://www.incubateurlorrain.org

Région Grand Est

Enerex SAS is supported by the Région Grand Est as part of their action for startup development.

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