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ENEREX offers customized services for your exploration projects. Choose the services you need among our petrophysical properties measurements, Structural or geophysics services. Combine our offers for an adapted solution to your project.

Sample measurement services

On plugs or blocks

P and S-wave propagation velocity

To calibrate seismic prospection, well logs or estimate the elastic properties. Combined with the other measurements, the microfractures and weathering of the material can be assessed. With different direction measurement it is also possible to quantify the formation anisotropy.

Thermal Conductivity et Diffusivity

The knowledge of the thermal properties of the rocks is necessary to simulate the conductive heat transfer in the reservoirs. Combined to density data, the heat capacity can be calculated for a complete characterization of the thermicity. These measures are made at room temperature, with dry or saturated samples.

Electric Resistivity

Allows to estimate the electric resistivity of the formation and calibrate the interpretation of well logs resistivity. These measures are made on saturated samples at 4 different salinities.

On plugs

Triple weighing porosity

For estimation of the connected porosity, key property for the rock matrice characterization for fluid storage in the reservoir.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Estimates the pore size distribution and allow the calibration of RMN well-logs.

Skeletal density

Estimates the grain density of the rocks. This property can be used for calibrate the interpretation of gravity map or density well logs. On powdered samples it allow also to assess the non-connected porosity.

Nitrogen Permeability 

Measures the matrix permeability, key property to characterize the fluid transfers. These measures are made at room Temperature and under 20 bars confining pressure.


Destructive measures

Mercury porosity

Characterize the pore throat diameter (= pore size proxy) distribution, from 400 to 0,005 μm diameter. Give also an indirect information about the pore network morphology.





According to your wishes, these measures can be compared with our properties database for comparison to reservoir analogs and a complete study of your targeted prospect.

Structural Geology services

Lineament analysis

Constrains the structural background of the prospected area, with satellite data or aerial photographs on the prospected area or outcropping analogs. These data also help to plan the geophysical prospection and to classify the structural features important for fluid flows at different scales.

Field study

Characterize the geologic formation at the reservoir scale. A fracture analysis can be conducted to include the fracture network in the fluid flow modelling. This study can be combined with an accurate rock sampling for matrix properties measurement.


Geophysics services

Seismic Interpretation

Interpretation of 2D seismic profils for stratigraphique and structural correlation until the creation of a 3D geologic meshed model.

Aeromagnetic data interpretation

Aeromagnetic data interpretation to constrain the lithological and structural framework of the studied area.



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