Geophysics services

ENEREX develops expertise in measuring and interpreting non-seismic geophysical data, particularly through magnetic measurements. Our services range from data acquisition and processing to assistance with the integration of sensors for your measurement systems, mission planning, quality assurance, and interpretation of data for the creation of your geological models.

Magnetic surveys

We offer ground, drone, and airborne magnetic surveys to provide a vast range of resolution, from 10 cm to hundreds of meters above the ground, in order to adapt to any kind of project.

Interpretation of magnetic data

We offer processing and interpretation of magnetic data measured by us or by other companies. We adapt to your projects by proposing different kinds of results: map of the magnetic anomaly, potential field transforms, direct modeling, and inverse problem solving for parameter evaluation (such as depth or magnetization).

Planning, quality assurance, quality control

We offer support in the planning of the magnetic surveys of your project according to your objectives. We can also provide quality assurance of your own surveys or quality control from third-party companies.

Seismic Interpretation

We offer interpretation of your seismic sections, with structural and stratigraphic correlation. This study can go as far as creating a 3D mesh model.

Deep ERT

Nous réalisons des campagnes d’acquisition de profils 2D ou cartographie 3D de résistivité électrique grande profondeur (jusqu’à 1 km).