Our Team and reference case-studies

ENEREX team is composed of Geologists and Geophysicists Experts internationally recognized. You can count on their strong experience in underground exploration, whether for geothermal projects, mining projects, or archaeological projects. Their multi-disciplinary know-how comes from their involvement in numerous academic but also industrial research projects.

Lionel Bertrand

Lionel Bertrand, geologist Ph.D. at Université de Lorraine and president of Enerex SAS. With his Ph.D. Thesis « Study of geothermal reservoirs developed in the basement and at the interface with the sedimentary units. », He is specialized in the study of deep geothermal reservoirs. He developed Expertise in the analysis and modelization of fractured reservoirs. 

Margaux Goupil

Margaux Goupil is young Engineer diplomed from the Ecole et Observatoire des Sciences de la Terre of Strasbourg in 2023. In the company, she works on operational and R&Ds projects on the measurement, processing, and interpretation of magnetic data with our capabilities on the ground and by drones.

Bruno Gavazzi

Bruno Gavazzi, Ph.D. in geophysics, was the former manager (2015 to 2021) of the magnetic survey service of Institut Terre et Environnement de Strasbourg, University of Strasbourg, France. Expert in potential field theory, magnetic measurements, and their interpretation at different scales. He is in charge of the commercial and R&D activities of the company in exploration geophysics.

Yves Géraud

Yves Geraud, a scientific contributor of Enerex, was a Lecturer at the University of Strasbourg until 1995. He is a Professor at the Université de Lorraine and a researcher at the GeoRessources Laboratory since 2013. Expert in petrophysics measurement and rock properties, he is specialized in the study of unconventional reservoirs for petrologic resources and high-energy geothermal projects. He also ensures the link between public authorities and Enerex for our R&D projects.

Marc Diraison

Marc Diraison is a Lecturer at the University of Strasbourg since 2000 and a researcher at the GeoRessources Laboratory since 2018. He is a  scientific contributor to Enerex. Expert in structural geology and geophysics data interpretation. He is specialized in the study of geologic structures and associated fluid circulations.

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Major scientific experiences

Major Research Projects

Main Scientific publications

2021 : Petrophysical properties in faulted basement rocks: Insights from outcropping analogues on the West European Rift shoulders.

2020 : On the use of aeromagnetism for geological interpretation: 1. Comparison of scalar and vector magnetometers for aeromagnetic surveys and an equivalent source interpolator for combining, gridding, and transforming fixed altitude and draping data sets.

2020 : On the use of aeromagnetism for geological interpretation : 2. A case study on structural and lithological features in the Northern Vosges.

2019 : Fluxgate three-component magnetometers for cost-effective ground, UAV and airborne magnetic surveys for industrial and academic geoscience applications and comparison with current industrial standards through case studies.

2017 : On the use of fluxgate 3-axis magnetometers in archaeology: application with a multi-sensor device on the site of Qasr ‘Allam in the Western desert of Egypt.