Structural Geology services

ENEREX offers Structural Geology services for the characterization of your geological objects. Our expertise is essentially in the characterization of natural fracture networks on outcrops. This service can be carried out using our innovative 3D point cloud analysis tool RECO3D, either using the traditional scan-line or fracture maps method.

This field analysis makes it possible to characterize the geological formations at the reservoir scale. A statistical study of the fracture network can thus be carried out to establish the input elements for flow or geomechanical modeling. This study can also be combined with sampling for the characterization of matrix properties.

Aerial pictures analysis

Carried out on satellite images or aerial pictures of the prospected area or on field analogs at the outcrop, the linear analysis will constrain the structural framework of the area. These essential data will both help to design geophysical prospectings and to focus the exploration on potentially draining structures at different scales.